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The Best Way to Track Your Keyword Rankings in 2021

Track Your Keyword Rankings in 2021. Optimizing your content with a powerful strategy for keywords is key to coming out on top in rankings. Here’s some valuable info to help track your keyword rankings in 2021.

Keyword Statistics

Consider the following:

To continuously improve your strategy and online presence, you should measure the results of your content through your keywords.

Track Rankings via Software

The easiest way to track keywords encompasses first opening an incognito window. Now search for a term and scroll looking for your ranking among the results. Of course, this is a time-consuming process.
Take advantage of Google Search Console. This is a free resource that simplifies the work. Still, you’ll have to apply a little muster to track your high-end keywords. There are other tools, paid tools, that offer a bunch of options.
A good example is Ahrefs. It uses a Rank Tracker where, after setting up a project, lets you track keywords manually or through the upload of a .txt or .csv file. You can use tags to refine the search. You can add relevant markets for tracking as well.
You’ll also be able to compare your keyword strategy against one to five competitors. This lets you gauge your market position. The software will then auto-generate options for keyword strategies.

Tracking with Keyword Funnels

Monitoring keywords along a user funnel is complicated but worth the ROI. You blend website analytics and keyword data to view user engagement at specific stages of the purchase cycle.
Google AdWords uses keyword funneling. It groups keywords in search results and similar searches. That means AdWords, given “social media” as the search, will return “social media business,” “social networking,” “facebook” and related terms. The solution takes spelling errors into account.
Keyword tracking provides a series of questions. The answers help you create better content. Your campaigns will be better situated for providing relevant, evergreen content all the time.