Guide to Mobile-First Marketing Guide to Mobile-First Marketing

important because most of the world is now accessing the internet from their phones and tablets, and search engines, online directories, shopping, and social apps, social media sites, and nearly every other facet of the internet are all following suit. Just as television once took over the world of marketing, in place of print advertising practices, mobile devices are currently dominating the world of consumers. Any website that isn’t properly compatible with mobile devices will, undoubtedly, be left by the wayside.

Why does it matter to your business?

Mobile-first marketing is important for any business to thrive on the internet, today. When most of a business’s customers are coming from social media apps or sites, and Google search queries made on mobile devices, it is vital to establish a presence within those mobile devices. Otherwise, potential consumers will only be made via desktop, laptop or other PC access. A business’s customer base is basically cut in half, if not devastated entirely when that business is not currently visible on mobile devices. Consider the days of yore, when Google was still on the rise. Any business that couldn’t be found on the search engine suffered from a lack of visibility on the internet. Then look at today’s statistics, when a business that isn’t listed on Google’s search results is virtually non-existent.

How to Integrate it

Implementing an effective mobile marketing strategy isn’t as difficult as it may first seem. Although challenges are still apparent in any type of digital marketing, you can easily integrate mobile-friendly tactics into your business website with a simple bit of coding, proper SEO, social media, and content management. Utilities exist for web designers, such as AMP (accelerated mobile pages) which streamline the process of optimizing websites for mobile-friendly experiences. AMP mitigates many aspects of a website which slow down the user experience since Google’s new mobile index greatly values site and loading speeds. Alternatively, organizing content is another way to cut down on load times, because mobile devices can only process so much content at one time. Images need to be organized and sized appropriately for mobile devices, and text or written content should adhere to mobile-friendly fonts and sizes. Another important integration technique is to utilize social media, considering the widespread use of social media applications, like Facebook and Twitter. Investing in free accounts and paid advertising efforts are great places to start.

Our Agency and Philosophy

Red Wagon puts clients first and understands the importance of a good mobile marketing approach. Our services are guaranteed to deliver actionable results by totally optimizing websites and blogs for mobile devices.

How we dominate mobile marketing

In addition to all of the practices mentioned above, we work tirelessly to provide both search engines and users with satisfactory online, mobile experiences.