How E-commerce brands can drive sales with FB messenger chatbots

How E-commerce brands can drive sales with FB Messenger chatbots

Facebook Messenger chatbots help businesses increase revenue by automating customer service. Companies can learn how to build effective chatbots by following these five tips.

Use unambiguous words
Do not put idioms in the chatbot because international users may not understand. Use simple words with singular meanings. Otherwise, companies will confuse and frustrate customers.

Create guided conversations
Start with a general open-ended question with multiple answer options. Create more questions and answers for each option. Use flowcharts and think logically about what the customer wants.

Do not spam
Let users reach out if they have a question or issue. Do not bombard customers with promotions. They will not appreciate the endless phone notifications and will turn the chatbot off.

Offer alternative communication channels
Chatbots are most effective with simple requests. Customers may want to speak with a human if they need to resolve complex issues. Therefore, businesses need to display phone numbers and email addresses on their websites.

Ask for feedback
Companies can analyze data to optimize their chatbots. They can ask customers about their experiences. Customers can give numeric ratings and write open-ended responses. Companies can then use this information to improve the chatbot and satisfy future customers.

By following these five tips, businesses will be able to build productive chatbots and offer high-quality customer service.