The Types of Videos to Use at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

The Types of Videos to Use at Each Marketing Funnel’s Stage Firms endorse various strategies to ensure success. If a firm is serious about investing in marketing, creating a marketing funnel with customized videos should be part of its growth strategies.
Steps of a marketing funnel;
• TOFU (Top of Funnel); the building of awareness about the problem addressed
• MOFU (Middle of Funnel); educating people to select a solution to the problem addressed
• BOFU (Bottom of Funnel); illustrating why a firm’s product is the best solution
Videos for Hooking Audience at the TOFU
A firm should speak to its viewers to allow them to benefit by watching videos. The following video types are used to hook the targeted audience;
• Animated explainer videos; animated videos can send message to the audience, though not intending to sell at this stage; a firm can still give the audience helpful information.
• Brand/Corporate videos; used when letting viewers know what makes an organization successful.
• Educational videos; used to provide vital information about issues that audiences care about.
• Lifestyle videos; use visuals that are personal and look familiar to the viewer’s lifestyle.
• Problem/Solution videos; show a specific advantage a firm’s product has, making clients feel like they made the right decision.
Videos that move Audiences Along at the MOFU
Immediately the videos at TOFU have succeeded, firms should utilize the opportunity to impress the viewers. The following videos types are used to persuade viewers to continue to the BOFU;
• Product videos; used to explain the benefits of a particular product by telling the viewers why they require the product in their lives.
• Tricks and Trips videos; used to make the audience feel like firms provide them with secrets concerning their products.
• Instructional videos; used to provide instructional information before viewers buy the products.
Videos that Turn Leads into Buyers at the BOFU
By the final phase of the marketing funnel, numerous clients have been narrowed to potential customers. Firms should ensure they efficiently leverage the TOFU and MOFU by providing the following types of videos;
• Webinars; used to give out whole information about products and services.
• Customer testimonial videos; used to increase truthfulness by using a target audience to speak about a particular service or product.
• Case study videos; used to create trust by showing audiences that they are not alone in their problems.
• Demo videos; used in the BOFU to show viewers an immersive experience on what to expect and how a product works.Firms should consider the impact of different video types mentioned in this article to convert their audiences through the marketing funnel.