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How to Improve E-Commerce Landing Pages with Paid Ads Data

How to Improve E-Commerce Landing Pages with Paid Ads Data. E-commerce relies heavily on paid advertising. The scalability of content marketing and marketing through email indeed offer great returns to website owners. It is crucial to run a chain of online marketing drives to maximize your website’s advertising goal. The returns gained through paid advertising are practically instantaneous since it allows for great targeting.

Importance of A/B Testing

Currently, marketers can gather endless virtual streams of data concerning user interaction through many integrated platforms. If you are not applying these effectively as a marketer, you cannot spot areas that need improvement, thereby negatively affecting the business. E-commerce optimization is essential but takes time since it relies on client feedback. The following are landing page elements that should be tested.

First Method (Cheap and effective testing channel)

This method entails running two paid ads concurrently while linking them to two occurrences on the landing page. Several challenges exist for marketers who may be willing to do A/B testing on a landing page. This method can help overcome some of the challenges in the following ways:
The test variable also needs to be kept at the utter minimum to gather accurate knowledge. To achieve this, the advertisement content that links to the two landing pages should be identical.

Second Method (An alternative to testing)

This method is applicable on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where the advertisements can be easily combined with visual aids like videos and images. In this method, at least two versions of the same ad are created with only a slight design difference. The other UX elements can be kept different across the ads. Facebook and Instagram take up about 70% of the marketing sector, with most businesses preferring to advertise on these platforms.
In conclusion, e-commerce businesses should commit to constant improvement of landing pages to avoid lower ROI associated with other marketing approaches. There is no need to create new marketing channels as the existing ones can easily be improved.