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graphic of marketing services our franchise marketing agency providesAt Red Wagon, we understand that marketing campaigns for franchises come with their unique challenges and opportunities. From consistent branding and messaging to complex reporting and tracking for each location, Red Wagon is the franchise marketing company that can handle it all. For national franchises, we provide:
  • Specific strategies for each franchise location to dominate their local market Roll-up reporting for corporate-level and location-specific reporting
  • A dedicated account manager and a team of marketing specialists that get to know your franchise industry and specific markets as if they were their own businesses
  • Full-service, flexible digital marketing solutions to meet all your needs (whether they’re unique to each location or consistent across the entire franchise)
If you’re looking for a strategic franchise marketing agency that specializes in web design, pay per click, and SEO, you’ve found the right one. Learn more about our franchise marketing services below, or contact us now to get started!
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Complete Franchise Internet Marketing Solutions

If you want to increase leads, sales, and your ultimate bottom line, you’re going to need more than one digital marketing strategy in your playbook. To get the best results, our experts recommend you combine the following strategies:

Digital Competitive Analysis

With a thorough competitive analysis from Red Wagon, we will identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities from a digital marketing perspective—including actionable insights you can take to close any gaps and get ahead of your competition. We’ll provide custom-tailored recommendations for how you can improve your franchise’s online presence and performance.


Content Marketing

No matter what type of franchise you own, you can benefit from content marketing. Engage your target audience through the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content, including landing pages, blog posts, ebooks, email newsletters, white papers, and more. Our professional, U.S.-based writers will grow your online presence and establish you as THE authority.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business? For every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return. Our professional email marketers help your business stay top-of-mind with your prospects and existing customers by sending custom newsletters. Test opt-in email marketing today!

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Like the control of pay per click advertising, but want something more cost-effective than Google Ads (previously AdWords)? Try a hyper-targeted ad campaign on Facebook! Why? Because Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five minutes spent on mobile.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you know how well your website is converting visitors? Our conversion rate experts will implement tests to improve your visit-to-lead conversion rates. We’ve helped companies from a variety of industries double, triple and even quadruple their website conversion rates.


Website Design & Development

63% of consumers primarily use your company’s website to find and engage with you. As if that’s not enough, 75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on their website design. What does your website say about your business?

LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn’s B2B audience has 2x the buying power of the average web audience, and four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions. Connect with them through LinkedIn advertising. Learn more about this incredibly targeted way to put your message in front of key decision-makers today!


Pay Per Click (PPC)

97% of online experiences begin with a search engine, but 41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page. Pay per click is a great way to drive more (qualified) visitors to your website and get more leads and sales—FAST! The best part? There’s no waiting period.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to outperform competitors in your area? You can do it with SEO. About 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, and in order to claim the top spots in Google and Bing, you need to optimize your website and off-site properties for search algorithms. Grow your long-term authority and get more qualified website traffic, leads, and sales with search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media Marketing

Wish there was a better way to better manage your franchise locations’ social media profiles? Try Facebook location pages alongside social media marketing. 81% of U.S. adults have at least one social media profile, and the average user spends at least two hours on social media sites daily. Start your social media marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, today.


Video Marketing Services

YouTube is the second largest search engine and video content is 50 times more likely to rank organically in the search results than text pages. Not only that, but U.S. internet users spend an average of 15 hours each week with digital videos, and Cisco predicted that video will make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2021. Enhance your website, differentiate your brand, and get more leads with online videos!

Review Us Now

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Not only do we offer review generation services, but we also have proprietary software that allows you to get reviews on your website and external sites in three simple steps. Ask for your free demo today!


Smart Selling & Lead Recovery

We know how to harness the power of call monitoring to vastly improve customer service experiences and greatly increase your return on marketing investments. Our team can help your company extract the most value possible from every phone call.

Branding and Creative Services

No matter your business size, industry, or location, a strong, effective, and cohesive brand strategy and design help to convey your company’s quality, credibility, value, and experience. When it comes to marketing your products and services, those that have a strong brand hold an enormous competitive advantage.

Strategy and Analytics Consulting

Does your company have an in-house marketing team, but still feel lacking in the mastery of digital marketing and SEO? Whether you have an enterprise-level company, run a large association, or head the marketing team at a major organization, custom-designed strategy and analytics consulting may be just what you need! Contact us and mention you need consulting.


Local SEO

Local SEO is a large part of franchise marketing, and it could make or break your franchise, considering 97% of consumers go online to find local services. We will manage your on-site local SEO as well as your offsite local listings, including your Google My Business account and other crucial online directories. Customers are searching for your business—let our franchise marketing company help them find you.

Your Website: The Foundation Of Your Franchise Marketing Strategy


Don’t think of your website as a brochure; think of it as a virtual sales rep capable of generating a massive number of leads and sales for your franchise, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising. With that being said, how easy is it for potential customers who aren’t familiar with your brand to find your website?
At the highest level, internet marketing success is a real estate game. Your goal should be to cost-effectively build, develop, and maintain as much real estate as you need to establish yourself as the authority in your industry. That becomes more difficult with franchises because many franchise websites or collections of websites are massive in size.
Often, there’s a lot to handle within one CMS that manages all the locations either on one domain or individual websites. You also may be dealing with multiple franchise owners managing their own website and have to ensure that everyone adheres to a certain standard (which can feel like herding cattle).
By trusting your web presence to the experts in franchise marketing, you’re getting a partner that understands your web development difficulties and can help you navigate them.

How Our Franchise Marketing Services Get Your Company on the First Page of Google


To rank well organically, you must establish and promote your franchise as THE authority in your market. Ranking well on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! requires three things:
  1. First, your website must be coded in a way that makes it easy for the search engines’ software to find, crawl, and categorize your website. At Red Wagon, our web team specializes in designing websites and landing pages that are not only highly optimized for search engines but also convert traffic to leads and sales.

  2. Second, you must create web page after web page of unique, relevant, and remarkable content. Our content marketing team has extensive experience writing online content (including blogs, landing pages, press releases, email newsletters, e-books, and more!) for multiple industries—so you won’t have to write a thing (unless you want to!).

  3. Third, you must promote your site to other relevant and authoritative websites and get them to link to, reference, and cite you as an authority. Unlike other SEO companies, you’ll never have to worry about us building shady links that will get you penalized by Google!


When you hire Red Wagon as your SEO company and content marketing partner, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager as well as a support team that includes an analyst, a web designer/developer, and a dedicated, professional copywriter who is well-versed in the industry. You’ll also receive detailed monthly reports that connect your website’s SEO performance to your franchise’s bottom line.
Did you know that almost half of total Google search queries have local intent? In addition to improving your organic search engine listings with SEO services, you need to include local SEO in your franchise marketing plan. Google’s local map listings often appear before the organic listings, leading to better click-through-rates for your company from potential customers.
As an award-winning SEO company, we understand that the more listings you have on the first page of search results—including local listings, organic listings, and paid listings—the better. Our local SEO services will increase your company’s visibility for geographically related searches.


To dominate all of the search results, you also need to invest in paid ads. Pay per click ads appear above organic listings and can drive a considerable amount of business to your locations—63% of people say they click on paid ads, and 75% of them say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they’re looking for.
In addition to local SEO and content marketing, PPC is a great way to make your company visible on the first page of search engine results. Once you set up your ads on Google Ads, you’ll see your advertisement within a couple of hours and have complete control over budget, copy, and placement. When Red Wagon manages your PPC account, we’ll handle everything—from keyword discovery and ad copy creation to bidding and ad split testing. That way, our PPC managers can continue their data-driven approach to success and you can continue expertly running your company.

Why Franchises Say Red Wagon Is the Best Franchise Marketing Company

If you just typed “franchise marketing companies near me” in Google and picked the one closest to your business, you may have made a mistake (unless it’s us, of course). We’ve helped franchises large and small all over the USA and North America—and we can help yours, too.
At Red Wagon, we try and let our clients speak for us. Take a look at our franchise internet marketing reviews from current and former franchise clients to hear straight from them why our franchise marketing agency is exactly what you need. The main reason you should choose us as your digital marketing service provider is that everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own. What does that mean?
At Red Wagon, we try and let our clients speak for us. Take a look at our franchise internet marketing reviews from current and former franchise clients to hear straight from them why our franchise marketing agency is exactly what you need. The main reason you should choose us as your digital marketing service provider is that everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own. What does that mean?
  • You won’t be handcuffed to long-term contracts. We won’t handcuff you for a specific amount of time. Ever. While we encourage you to give your campaigns at least three to six months to fully ramp up, you are free to leave and take your assets with you at any time.
  • You’ll own all your deliverables, including your website. Some cheap franchise marketing companies offer “free” websites with their services, or offer websites hosted on their “proprietary platform.” These are red flags that indicate you’re about to be handcuffed into an unfavorable contract. You can learn more about website ownership clauses here >>
  • You’ll optimize your marketing costs. Everything we do is tracked with advanced analytics so we can continually optimize your campaigns. This means you spend less and get more.
  • You get a dedicated account manager to be your guide, as well as a full support team that includes an analyst, a web designer/developer, a PPC ad manager, and a professional, U.S.-based copywriter.
  • You get the peace of mind that we have your back. Digital marketing is a long-term investment, which is why we believe in building partnerships, not acquiring clients. You can rest assured your dedicated account manager will be there for all of your needs and will over-deliver on results.
  • You get detailed monthly reports (you can actually understand) that tie your digital marketing services to your bottom line.


How much will working with Red Wagon help your business? It’s the question every prospective client wants to know, but it’s difficult to (intelligently) answer without some level of initial analysis. There are a lot of variables to consider, including:
  • Your market area
  • Your current website
  • The competitive landscape in your market
  • And more!
Want to see the success stories of business owners just like you who signed on for our internet marketing services? Check out our case studies!

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