We are a Facebook Advertising Agency

We are a Facebook Ads Agency – why we kick ass at it



An ad agency combines business and creativity to find a strategy that works best for a specific company. A Facebook ad agency specializes in specific social media advertising that can help businesses with brand awareness, lead generation and conversion rates. Red Wagon can help businesses succeed by driving traffic to a landing page, influencing sales and supporting a positive image. Since Facebook is the one of the leading social media networks in the country, it can be an extremely effective method for advertising both products and services. Red Wagon is skilled in understanding Facebook payment methods such as cost per clicks and cost per impressions. Because of this unique system, Facebook can help businesses of all kinds save money when using an effective advertising campaign.

By spending less than $10, a company or small business can reach over 1,000 people. Implementing Facebook ads can be a complex process depending on the goals and individualized plans of a business. While driving traffic through social media ads may seem straight-forward, Facebook ad agencies are skilled in understanding where to spend money to make the most impact. Using a marketing agency that thoroughly understands Facebook can help businesses measure success. Ad agencies can help create revenue for multiple industries, but ones that are skilled in social media marketing can specifically target the audience necessary to succeed.