An Email Marketing Agency that Gets Your Company in Front of Your Ideal Customers

RED WAGON is a full-service email automation and marketing agency that custom-designs successful marketing campaigns for every client.

After years of testing, analyzing, and optimizing, Red Wagon has developed email automation and marketing strategies that drive consistent, measurable results for our clients.


Email marketing is a consistent lead and revenue driver and is hyper effective at generating direct responses. No matter what industry you are in, email marketing can drastically boost your results. Email has a 3,000% ROI, and your costs are much lower when compared to direct mailers.


The type of results that our clients see when working with us? A seamless, optimized experience that drives real results. Our marketing strategies and funnels drive awareness and moves strangers to delighted customer.


How do we know our email automation and marketing strategies work?


Well, they’ve helped us grow this website and the businesses of many others.


But more importantly, we’ve helped businesses create dynamic, impactful marketing strategies that do more than just drive high quality leads but also turn complete strangers into customers.


Stop searching for that smoking gun that is going to completely transform your business overnight and go with a tried-and-true playbook by working with us.


Email Automation and Marketing




What type of business needs a email marketing strategy? The answer is any business that needs leads or sales for their business.


Our staff has worked with all kinds of companies, from crowd funded startups to Inc 500 enterprises, from B2B/B2C SaaS companies all the way to e-commerce stores, so we know what it takes to create a email automation & marketing strategy that works.

How can Email Marketing help my Business

No matter what your industry, if leveraged with the correct strategy and execution, email can boost your business KPI’s quickly and repeatedly. Email marketing has been proven to generate relevant leads and sales using the following methods.

  • Drip campaigns
  • Email automation
  • Email list segmentation
  • Data Mining and analysis
  • Email Promotion calendars
  • Content Development
  • Email List Growth Campaigns

What are the Benefits of a Red Wagon Email Marketing Campaign

  • Target clients at all stages of the buying cycle
  • Connect with higher qualified leads
  • Communicate one-on-one with prospects at a low cost
  • Build brand ubiquity
  • Leverage and distribute relevant, engaging content
  • Drive critical business goals


Email can push immediate sales to a product, attract people to your storefront, and generate high quality leads. The power of email marketing is only limited to how you use it. With over a decade of experience in email marketing, we can help your brand build better results through email

Contact a digital media representative today to get a email marketing strategy.

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